Voice-Singing Lessons

David K’s Music School is a right place for you to make your musical dreams come to life.  If ever you have dreamt of being on stage singing your hand crafted song, then you have found the right school. We help you develop your singing voice so that you can finally realize your singing dreams.  Our aim is to teach you the techniques and skills  you need to excel at any musical style or level. Our goal oriented unique approaches yields fast and guaranteed results.

Fun and friendly learning environment

We offer our students nice, welcoming and warm environment where they are open to share their thoughts and views. Depending upon the musical goals, skills and learning level of the individuals, we will have a music teacher work with them to help them achieve their music related goals.  We follow innovative educational philosophy drawn from traditional and progressive methodologies to meet your long term music related needs.

Develop skills

Our dedicated music instructors would take the time to learn your goals, voice quality and your personality.  Accordingly, they will lay a general plan for your singing lessons and can also advise you to practice several exercises such as controlling breath, to help you get the most benefits from your practice time.  Our teachers have a great deal of experience in teaching music and believe the music learning process should be fun and inspirational instead of dull and boring. Students feel more encouraged when they are taught in a fun and friendly environment.

Why prefer David K’s music school?

– Flexible Scheduling
– Dedicated, Experienced and Skilled Teachers
– No Term Contracts
– All Ages and Abilities Welcomed
– Free Registration

Our voice singing lessons in San Jose improves the tone of your voice and eliminate the dreaded “vocal break”.  With regular practice, you will notice an improvement in the power and volume of your voice.  It will expand your range at a full octave and let you sing with ease and freedom. Our vocal instruction techniques can help you improve your range, endurance, stamina, resonance, breath control, voice quality and vocal strength. You can prefer to join group voice-singing lessons or private voice singing lessons in San Jose.

Customized training plans

If you are looking for powerful and effective voice singing lessons, you have come to the right place. We can also create a customized plan catering your strengths and weaknesses. Our vocal training will allow you to sing in all styles without fatigue and damage to the voice.