Piano Lessons

David K’s Music School offers piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities from beginner to advanced levels. We are the best music academy that offers quality music education to the students to enhance their talent and abilities. Our piano lessons are focused on cultivating advanced piano repertoire, technique and musical refinement. Our highly skilled music instructors can help you achieve your music related goals- be it preparing for auditions or competitions or pursue music at the college level.

Looking for the best piano teacher?

Learning piano is an excellent way to start learning music.  It is a versatile instrument and is great for developing comprehensive knowledge of music which can be later applied on various styles and musical instruments. Our piano playing techniques are focused on developing the fine motor skills of the children. After several piano lessons in San Jose, CA, you will be able to play simple melodies and songs, while the learning curve is much greater for the other musical instruments. We offer piano lessons in Jazz, Classical and Pop.

Qualified and experienced piano instructors

We have a team of highly skilled, talented and experienced instructors who are skilled in their fields.  All our piano teachers are university trained and have extensive teaching and performing experience. They are dedicated to help students meet their goals. You will appreciate our unique and personalized way of helping you or your kid to become a better musician. We take the time to understand you learning level and skills and work with you to help you perform better.  We also conduct recitals every year to help students overcome their stage phobia and develop confidence. To know more about recitals, you may visit Events Page.

Friendly and productive learning environment

We  provide piano classes in San Jose, CA in a fun and effective way. Whether you want to learn Alicia keys or Back, our music instructors would be pleased to help you become a pianist you want to be. We would teach you the fundamentals of theory, reading and technique and will incorporate your favorite songs into lessons to make it fun and exciting.  Our teachers have helped hundreds of students discover the musician that lives within. We keep the class size limited so that we can give personal attention to each student. We provide step by step training focusing on various fundamentals to help students develop a better understanding.

Join our classes now!

If you are interested in joining our piano classes, feel free to contact us.  You can reach us by filling out the contact us form given on the website or call us at (408) 866-0120. We will be pleased to help you become a better musician.