Guitar Lessons

David K’s Music School offers guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  We teach you a bunch of chords, advanced techniques and skills to help you become a good musician. We are one of the fastest growing music academies in San Jose offering quality music education to the  students. We offer performance based lessons, which are dedicated towards helping you achieve your music related goals. We offer guitar lessons in ordinary pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and classical music.  We utilize friendly yet collaborative approach to encourage and motivate students.

All ages and abilities welcomed

The highly skilled and talented guitar teachers of David K’s Music School believe in developing friendly relationship with their students. They have warm personalities and give personalized attention to each student. Our guitar classes  are open to students from 3 years of age to adults. Depending upon your learning level, skills and goals, we will allocate you a class, where you will grow musically. We offer you the most comprehensive guitar education which can be found anywhere. We provide music classes in electric, acoustic and bass guitar. Our skilled guitar teachers in San Jose are specialists in each discipline and work to enhance your talents and abilities, and myriad playing opportunities.

Why guitar classes of David K’s school?

– Qualified, Experienced and Skilled Music Teachers
– Easy Availability
– Proven Trak Record of Excellence
– Events and Recitals every year
– Convenient Location
– Month to Month Lessons

Comprehensive approach

We start our guitar classes in San Jose with the basics of the guitar. We will teach you the different parts of the instrument, how to hold the guitar and develop strength of the hands and fingers to produce musical sound.  We provide our students numerous opportunities all the year round to showcase their talent. Performing at the events and recitals build up their confidence and overcome various weaknesses. Our recitals include a professional stage equipped with all professional equipments such as lightning,  audio and video system to make every parent know about their kid’s performance.

Best faculty

We employ the best faculty in the region to ensure we deliver you the best music education. To create an optimal enriching experience, we make new students learn music theory, rhythm and technique. We work with students to overcome hurdles and develop fine motor skills. Our learning environment is fun and friendly. We try to make it as interactive as we can, because it is only through gaming and fun, we can make students learn guitar easily and effectively.

Have Queries?

To know more about our guitar lessons in San Jose, you can visit our Music Lessons page or call us at (408) 866-0120 to know more.