French Lessons

Learning a new language is definitely like acquiring lifelong skills. David K’s Music School offers French classes in San Jose for beginner to advanced class levels. We offer the most comprehensive schedule for French classes. We have a right level and time for you. No matter you are a beginner or looking to grab the nuances of advanced French; we are there to help you.  We have been teaching French to the interested students for many years and positive reviews from our happy students is a testimony to our professionalism and expertise.

Personalized teaching approach

We follow personalized teaching approach, which is based on developing constructive relationship with teachers and integrating the cultural dimension in language learning. Our French classes define different levels of language learning, while optimizing the choice of courses. We keep the sizes of classes limited (generally between 3-5) students, so that we can give proper care and attention to each student.  We have divided our French lessons in San Jose into three basic levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Beginner classes are meant for those who do not have prior experience in French, while intermediate classes are for those who have completed a 20 hour course in French. We help students build their comprehensive skills and expand their vocabulary.  Our advanced French classes are designed for students who have mastered verb tenses and want to master their conversation skills.

Years of experience and proficiency

Years of experience make us the finest language school in San Jose.  We provide our students with the best resources and help them success in the learning the language effectively.  Our teams of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced native teachers are expert in various training methodologies and give students consistent support throughout their language program. Our teaching methods are formed to meet your specific goals, while combining with up-to-date books and study material.  We offer French lessons several times a week, so that you can join a class that suits your busy schedule.

Regular performance checks

We closely watch the progress of each student so that we can correct them whenever they go wrong. We regularly conduct various tests, to assess the progress of our students and update their parents about the same on a regular basis so that they can get to know about the performance of their kids.  We go an extra mile to help students meet their varied needs.  Our French courses are designed to provide students with practical vocabulary as well as basic language patterns.

Call us today!

If you want to start learning French or want to polish your French speaking or writing skills, give a chance to help you achieve your goals. We will be more than pleased to improve your skills.  You may call us at (408) 866-0120 to know more!