Flute Lessons

David K’s Music School is a premier provider of quality flute lessons. We are the largest independent school, known for offering best music education to the students. We provide music lessons for flute and various other musical instruments.

Skilled flute instructors

We have highly skilled flute instructors who have received their music education from the prestigious institutions. They are highly experienced in their fields and give personal attention to each student.  In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities and are extremely friendly and generous. We start our flute classes with simple songs and melodies and then advance them to sight seeing and theory. We know the art of balancing musicianship and fun by ensuring each lesson we teach ends with something fun. We encourage our students to passionately take part in various musical activities so that they can sharpen their skills.

Why choose us for flute lessons?

– University trained and skilled flute teachers
– All ages welcomed
– Regular concerts and recitals
– Informative theory Classes

All ages and skills welcomed

David K’s Music School handles students from 3 year to extremely advanced. We have more than 50 music teachers, therefore, students are matched up with teachers that best meet their needs. Our teachers work to improve student’s discipline, self-esteem, creativity and self-confidence through music. Our flute lessons in San Jose, CA are catered to meet the individual requirements of the students. We also organize recitals to help students overcome stage fear and build confidence.  We expose our students to new musical styles and instruments so that they get the best music education in the city.

Learning environment

Our San Jose flute teachers are trained and have a positive and energetic approach to teaching. They are flexible and warm and work with every student to achieve his/her music related goals. They believe in establishing open and comfortable relationship with students, because only when they have a comfortable relationship with the students they can help them grow as a good musician. Our music school has a proven track of offering quality flute classes in San Jose year round.  Our aim is to be the number provider of quality lessons.

Want to know more?

To know more about our classes, you can contact us by filling out the form given on the website or reach us by calling at (408) 866-0120. We will be pleased to know your music related goals and help you achieve those.