Electric-Bass Lessons

Planning to join electric bass lessons in San Jose? David K’s Music School offers quality music lessons catered according to the needs of the individuals. Our teaching methods are comprehensive and effective.  We have cemented our place strong in the San Jose by delivering quality music education to the students of all ages and abilities.

Comprehensive and detailed music lessons

We have a team of some highly skilled, talented and experienced professionals who hold specializations in their fields.  In addition to their qualification credentials, they have warm personalities and are always ready to help others. They give personal attention to each student so that they can help them overcome their weaknesses and build confidence.  We provide all our students fun and friendly learning environment, where they learn and have fun.

Limited class sizes

We keep the sizes of our electric bass classes in San Jose, CA limited so that we can give personal attention to each student. Our teachers will demonstrate students how to hold electric bass and play it using the right techniques.  We also teach our students how to read music and develop a solid understanding of the rhythm and enjoy creative exploration through development and performance.  We have divided our electric bass lessons in San Jose into various levels, such as- beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Various learning levels

In the beginning classes, we teach our students how to tune and adopt simple technique exercises for finger independence. While in the intermediate level, we give an introduction to slap and pop techniques. And in the advanced level, we make our students get acquainted with the advanced techniques of the electric bass. We regularly monitor the performance of both teachers and students so that we can ensure we have a quality team in place. Apart from group lessons, you can also have our teachers give you private electric bass lessons in San Jose, CA.

We conduct regular recitals every year to help our students overcome stage fright and develop confidence.  We provide our students best platform where they can learn, grow and make progress.   We welcome students of all ages and abilities. No matter you are 4 or 40, you can always depend on us for our quality music classes. We can customize our lessons to suit the various needs of the individuals and help them turn a musician and not just bassist.

Join us now!

Join our electric bass classes to satisfy your inner musician and take your love for the music to the next level.  You may call us at  (408) 866-0120 to learn more.