Drum Lessons

David K’s Music School is the largest independent music school, based in San Jose, offering quality music education to the students of all ages and abilities.  It is one of the prominent schools that offer one to one lessons catered according to the needs, learning level and style of the individuals.

Talented and trained drum instructors

The highly skilled and trained professionals of David K’s Music School are university trained and many of them possess more than 25 years of experience in their fields. They can offer advice to the students about everything they need to know about drumming. Our drum lessons in San Jose, CA will guide you about the basics of drumming. It covers all the aspects of drumming, posture, beats and sticking techniques through practical sessions.  Depending upon the musical goals you want to achieve, you will be made to work with teachers who will provide you extensive training, helping you achieve those goals. Whether you are just starting out or want to improve an area of your playing, we can help you out.

Comprehensive learning process

Our drum teachers in San Jose can break down the learning process into various stages so that it becomes easy for the students to grab the nuances.  We have the essential tools and equipments for all levels and backgrounds. We provide you a platform where you can unlock your potential and become a drummer you have always wanted to be.  We have been providing drum lessons from last many years and have trained several hundred students.  Our students have regularly reported that we are the best music education providers in the region. A long list of happy clients and testimonials is a proof that we have been performing exceptionally well.

Recitals and events

No matter you are 4 or 40, we are there to take your love for music to the next level.   Our highly skilled and trained music instructors give personal attention to each student so that they can help students learn, grow and contribute. We also conduct recitals every year where students of all grades perform.  Through recitals, we try to make our students overcome stage fear and develop confidence.  We are the best schools that offer quality drum classes in San Jose to students of all ages and abilities.

Want to join?

If you want to take your love for the music to the next level, then make no delays and immediately contact us.  You can reach us  by calling us at (408) 866-0120 or alternatively fill out our contact us form.