Double-Bass Lessons

David K’s Music School is one of the largest independent music schools in the Bay Area delivering quality music education to the students of all age groups. Is this the first time you are deciding if a bass is the instrument for you or you are a hobbyist want to jam with friends?  Well, for all your musical goals, you can have a reputed group of musicians work for you.

Our double bass lessons ensure all your music related needs are met in an effective manner.  We help students of varied skills and learning improve their bass playing skills, through effective teaching, guidance and encouragement. The double bass is crucial to modern orchestras because it is played on low notes that most of the instruments cannot play.  Our ultimate aim is to encourage students to develop their full potential and at the same time create a platform for enjoying music. If you are unsure about your abilities, we will help you pick a class and work with a teacher that can help you take your passion for the music to the next level.

Music is for everyone. While some consider it as an ability to play several tunes for themselves and their friends or other may have desire to delve deep into the process.  Intentions may vary, but we are here to make music a part of your life. We have a backing of some great music teachers who are committed, focused and dedicated to build a fun learning environment, where you can grow musically.

Why take double bass lessons from us?

– Customized Music Lessons
– Fun, Friendly and productive learning environment
– Visible Progress
– Years of Experience
– Reputed Music School
– Yearly Recitals

David K’s Music School is committed to educating and striving for excellence in all the academic, sporting and cultural endeavors. We encourage our students to participate in a wide range of activities that ultimately helps you improve your musical skills. Our passionate and dedicated teachers have years of experience in playing double bass and teach students of all ages and abilities- whether beginner, middle or high class students. We strongly believe that every student has a unique personality and set of skills. Therefore, understanding the learning level and abilities of each student, we provide fun and productive environment where they are given ample opportunities to grow and excel.

Our double bass classes in San Jose, CA carry a comprehensive selection of strings, pickups, amplifications and accessories and are developed to meet the needs of modern bassist. Contact us now to start your music education with us! We will be more than happy to help you turn into a better musician!